Invisalign Myths

Invisalign is a clear plastic aligner that straightens teeth quickly, safely, and efficiently. In the hands of a skilled orthodontist, this tool can be used significantly – ask any of the 1600 Invisalign patients the Wedding Thompson Orthodontics team in Owensboro has treated in the last five years.

Here’s a look at a few myths we hear about Invisalign. After each one, we’ll explain the facts behind the legend.

Invisalign Myths

Invisalign is Only for Minor Orthodontic Cases

Braces still seem like the best option to many, but the truth is that Invisalign works just as well in nearly all orthodontic cases. In some situations, it’s an even better treatment than traditional braces. If you’re wondering if it will work for you, the answer is probably yes – ask!

Invisalign is Only for Adults

While Invisalign is often the ideal solution for adults who don’t want to go back to bulky braces, kids can also use Invisalign now, thanks to a new product called Invisalign First. Designed to treat a range of teeth-straightening issues that kids commonly face, they are also built for comfort (no poking wires!), and they’re easy for kids to remove so they can brush and floss.

When it comes to kids and teens, they are some of the best Invisalign patients (they’re better at following directions than adults … shhh). If you’re worried about them wearing their aligners enough, a blue compliance indicator keeps track of their progress.

Clear Aligners are Hard to Organize and Keep Clean

You typically get a box of aligners which you keep at home and change on your own at the prescribed times. You’ll visit the orthodontist every 10-12 weeks to ensure everything is on track. In the meantime, yes, you have to keep up with your aligners, but it’s just like keeping up with your glasses, for example. You do have to clean the aligners, but you do so just like you brush your teeth. That’s usually the best time to clean them.

Invisalign MythsThe Only Benefit is That You Can’t See Invisalign

While this is the main attraction, it’s far from the only selling point. Patients have easier brushing and flossing with Invisalign – you take out the aligners and then pop them back in. Same thing when it’s time to eat. They also require fewer visits to the orthodontist’s office (and fewer emergency appointments), and they are more comfortable and cause less soreness.

And yes, they’re invisible.

Invisalign is More Expensive Than Traditional Braces

Nope. In most cases, the cost is the same as if you were treated with traditional braces. Should financing be a concern, speak to our team about it. We offer several financing options that can fit into any budget. 

Results Will Be the Same No Matter Who Treats You with Invisalign

Many think it doesn’t matter where they get Invisalign because clear plastic aligners are not as complicated as braces. Besides, a computer produces the correct aligners based on a scan of the patient’s mouth, so the orthodontist is just the technician who installs the aligners, right?

Wrong. Yes, we use a precise digital scan of your mouth to map out a custom treatment program, but that’s hardly the end. No two cases are exactly alike, so you want an experienced orthodontist who knows when to adjust the computer model to get the best results in real life. Unless your provider has been specifically trained in how and why teeth move the way they do, you will not get the best treatment possible.

Invisalign is an invaluable tool, but it’s just that – a tool. Your real value is in the orthodontist who uses their considerable skill and knowledge to give you a perfect smile. You’re probably not going to hire a home builder who has only built one house. You’ll hire the guy who has used his tools to create thousands of homes. Do the same with Invisalign.

Let Wedding Thompson Orthodontics Give You A Winning Smile

Wedding Thompson Orthodontics is the only diamond provider of Invisalign in western Kentucky and southern Indiana. We have invested thousands of hours in developing and perfecting our Invisalign expertise so we can make a difference in your life. When ready to build your perfect smile, contact us for a free consultation!