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Why Choose Wedding Thompson Orthodontics?

At Wedding Thompson Orthodontics, you’ve got so many reasons to smile.

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You’ve Got Our Full Attention

Orthodontics is all we do! We’re not distracted by anything else.

Our focus is on you and your smile.

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Innovative Techniques

These are not your father’s braces. No more goopy mess for molds—our digital scanner customizes your treatment with a minimum of fuss.

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Financing to Ease Your Mind

With our flexible financing, we offer plans to make your treatment truly affordable.

Life is expensive—braces don’t have to be.

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A Beautiful Smile

We deliver exceptional results, and we’re not just talking about teeth.

Your smile will be fantastic—and your confidence will match.

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We’ll Be Your New Best Friends

You’ll find yourself looking forward to treatments just so you can hang out with our incredible team.

You’re not just getting braces—you’re getting friends for life.

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Something Bigger Than Yourself

We give back to our community through giveaways, fundraisers, sponsorships, and more.

When you join our family, you’re helping us reach Owensboro for good!

Owensboro Orthodontics Office

Our Promise

The Wedding Thompson Orthodontics team is all about you. That’s because we know you are going to do big things, and we are grateful to play a small part in supporting you!

Our outstanding team lives by these five character traits so that we can promise you the best care possible.

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Many patients are nervous at their first visit, and that’s understandable.

We’ve been around long enough to see every kind of case (sometimes in our own kids!), so we know just how to calm you down and put your mind at ease.

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More than 30 years of experience as a practice means we know how to work together instinctively to give you the best experience.

We know what works, who can do it, and how to get you the smile you deserve.

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Giving back to our community is one of our top values.

Whether we’re sponsoring an event, recognizing teachers, or holding giveaways, we want to share our blessings with our community.

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Our last appointment of the day gets the same enthusiasm as the first.

We love our patients, and we’re committed to giving each one our best.

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We love new technology, but only if it works for your benefit. If tech can make your treatment faster, better, or more pleasant, we’re on it.

If a cool new tool doesn’t help you, we won’t use it. That’s an orthodontic treatment designed with you in mind.