What Orthodontic Options are There for Adults?

Children and teenagers can benefit from orthodontics. There’s no question about that. But how about grown-ups? What orthodontic options are there for adults? Imagine that a person didn’t have the means to care for their teeth in their youth.. Imagine that such a person wants orthodontic intervention now. Perhaps they couldn’t afford care earlier in life, but now they can. 

The Wedding Thompson Orthodontics location in Owensboro proudly serves many adult patients. About 20% of our patients are adults. Here are some of the options we might explore with adult patients. 


What if you had braces you could remove whenever you wanted (according to Dr. Wedding and  Dr. Thompson’’s guidance, of course)? Our team uses clear, lightweight plastic aligners by Invisalign®. They offer the wearer much more comfort and convenience than conventional braces. Generally, you’ll wear your aligner for 12-18 month. We recommend keeping the aligner on for 22 hours a day. 

Clear Braces

You may also hear clear braces referred to as ceramic, tooth-colored, or aesthetic. This is because they are designed to blend in with the teeth. Clear braces empower you to continue your daily routine without fretting about your appearance. They are more discreet and less noticeable than metal braces. In Dr. Wedding and Dr. Thompson’s experience, clear braces are best for adults.

Metal Braces

This is most people’s image when they think of “braces.” They’ve (unfairly) earned something of a reputation over the years, but Wedding Thompson Orthodontics intends to change that. Modern metal braces have lighter wires and sleeker brackets. For you, this means less pain and irritation. Our braces are compact and comfortable. A significant advantage of metal braces is that they can shorten your treatment duration. 


If excessive gum tissue obstructs your teeth, your teeth might look more petite. When Dr. Wedding or Dr. Thompson observe your gums, they might conclude that you have a “gummy smile.” One orthodontic option to fix gummy smiles for adults is a “TAD.” 

TAD is an abbreviation for temporary anchorage device. It can enhance your treatment by helping your teeth slide into new positions with a little more speed. The “A” in “TAD” stands for “anchorage.” So think of it like an anchor, holding your gums and chompers in a specific position. 

What Orthodontic Options are There for Adults?Orthodontic Options for Adults at Wedding Thompson Orthodontics

Technological innovations in our field have made modern braces much more affordable than in previous years. Plus, a brighter smile bolsters your confidence. You’ll love your new smile and feel like you have to show it off. Even as an adult, opting for orthodontic intervention decreases your chance of developing maladies like misshapen teeth, bleeding gums, and temporomandibular joint disorder. 

Working with an orthodontist can boost confidence, and improve overall mental health. That’s true for kids and teens, but it’s true for adults, also. See us for a free consult today.