Why You Should Trust an Orthodontist with Your Smile

Making the decision to get a smile makeover is one of the most exciting milestones in a person’s life, but getting the treatment details down can feel daunting. From choosing the right provider to picking the right treatment plan, there’s a lot on your plate! You may be tempted to visit your local dentist for orthodontic treatment, but the doctors at Wedding Thompson Orthodontics specialize in moving your teeth. For the best results possible, here’s why you should trust an orthodontist with your smile.

Imagine This… 

Your child is a basketball player who loves to practice their game every chance they get. This morning, however, they took a pretty hard fall after a layup and hurt their leg – and the worst part is, it might even be broken. Thankfully, you were there, like always, to rush them to the doctor. Before you drove them there, they asked you where you were taking them – the pediatrician or the emergency room.

The answer is probably a no-brainer. You pick the emergency room! You know that their pediatrician is a great doctor with years of experience taking care of aches and pains, but when it comes to a broken leg, you want to see a doctor who is an expert in emergency medicine. 

The same goes for orthodontic treatment. While a dentist is a great doctor for protecting your child’s oral hygiene, you need a specialist to rearrange the teeth in your child’s mouth. That’s because orthodontic treatment is serious work and requires special training to reach your goals.

Orthodontic Training

By definition, dental work includes anything related to tooth care, which is why many people inquire with their dentist about straightening their teeth. What most people don’t realize, however, is that straightening teeth is a business that requires familiarity with all aspects of facial bone structure – not just the teeth. The ability to move bones in and around the jaw requires years of extra training beyond dental school, so you’ll need a trained orthodontist to straighten your or your child’s teeth correctly. 

When a person decides they want to become an orthodontist, they start a long journey of schooling, residency, and continued education to get the job done right. After four years of top-notch undergrad achievement, a future orthodontist must apply to dental school, be accepted, and complete four years of hard work. 

When they’ve finished dental school, that’s when they move on to orthodontic residency. They’ll learn everything they need to know on the job from the best of the best. During this time, they’ll combine what they learned in dental school with knowledge of maxillofacial bone structure and movement so they can expertly straighten teeth with skilled, artistic hands. 

Why You Should Trust an Orthodontist with Your SmileGoing the Extra Mile

Even after dental school and orthodontic residency, it can take years of continued education and experience to take orthodontic care the extra mile. Dr. Wedding has poured over countless Invisalign cases to become a Diamond Plus Invisalign provider – a certification that only the top 1% of orthodontists ever receive. Dr. Thompson is an overachiever, too, who studied after hours for a rigorous exam to become a board-certified orthodontic provider.

Orthodontists Offer More Treatment Options

Some dentists offer limited orthodontic treatment methods, but usually, this only includes Invisalign. It’s important to understand, however, that every patient requires a unique treatment plan that is tailored to their needs. Invisalign doesn’t work for every case, and you’ll need an orthodontic professional to provide other treatment options with a customized treatment plan. 

At Wedding Thompson Orthodontics, we treat each patient with individualized care that considers their unique needs. Every treatment plan is different to accommodate the different smile types, and we offer three personalized treatment options to give you the smile you can’t get anywhere else. 

Metal Braces

This treatment method is excellent for patients with moderate to severe orthodontic issues. With a system of brackets and wires, these braces straighten your teeth by applying constant, gentle pressure. They’re a durable and reliable option that ensures your treatment runs smoothly and effectively.  

Clear Braces

Like metal braces, this treatment option uses a system of brackets and wires to straighten your teeth and is effective for patients with moderate to severe orthodontic issues. Instead of metal braces, clear braces use white ceramic brackets that match the color of your teeth, so your treatment is less visible. 

Invisalign Clear Aligners

This removable treatment option uses a series of clear trays that adjust your teeth without wires or brackets. Because they are clear, this option allows you to straighten your teeth with an almost invisible look.  By wearing these trays for 22 hours per day for 9-15 months, you’ll see results in no time. The key to successful Invisalign treatment is choosing a doctor with extensive knowledge of using the Invisalign software to get a predictable and excellent result. Dr. Wedding is a Diamond Plus Invisalign provider, so you’ll get the best Invisalign treatment on the market!

Gummy Smile Treatment

Studies have shown that an ideal smile shows off two millimeters or less of your gumline. If you have a gummy smile, your smile may reveal closer to three or four millimeters of your gums, and this may cause you to feel self-conscious about your appearance. 

At Wedding Thompson Orthodontics, we use non-surgical TADS to correct issues caused by a gummy smile. Instead of corrective jaw surgery, TADs are a less invasive way to move the jaw or parts of the teeth to reveal your truly confident smile. 

Why You Should Trust an Orthodontist with Your SmileChoose Wedding Thompson Orthodontics for Your Straight Smile Needs

Your smile is one of your best features, and we’re here to help it shine! With years of experience and training, our team of professionals knows exactly how to shift your teeth in line to give you the smile of a lifetime. Schedule your free consultation today to get started with treatment in Owensboro!